It’s all about the details

Clare Leahy and Paul Baker are born entertainers. Their aim in life is to make at least one person smile every day. When not out and about performing, they are busy thinking up new weird and wonderful themes for events, and bringing them to life in their workshops.

Both from Devon, they have very happy childhood memories, particularly of Christmas, and the passion and enthusiasm they bring to Marvellous Eventures comes from a desire to share that feeling of wonder and amazement with children of all ages even big, grown-up ones! And their company ethos is shared by every member of their team .

Having always enjoyed dreaming up wacky props and costumes for creative competitions, in 2014 Clare and Paul volunteered to provide the entertainment for their local village fair. Over the next couple of years, they created a number of fabulous themed events such as the Hunt for the Winkleigh Firedrake Dragon, Whirly Me Gigs Wondrous Wizarding Academy and the Polar Express. As these grew in size and popularity, they began to attract the attention of event organisers outside of their local community. This lead to them being approached to provide their entertainment services for external commercial events, and so with much excitement, Marvellous Eventures was born.

We couldn’t have been happier with these guys for our Civil War event in Rock Park. They were fantastic with their story tent and incredibly busy with the children’s crafts. They were extremely dedicated and professional, and we would recommend them for any event.

Will Austin Barnstaple Town Council

Clare and Paul believe that one of the reasons for their rapid growth and popularity is their attention to detail. Whether they are organising a two-hour display at a local event or a week-long themed experience for an amusement park, everything from the costumes to the scenery to the props is made by hand and with love. And nothing gives them more pleasure than to get creative and come up with something new, so if youd like to turn your event into a Marvellous Eventure, get in touch today.